Dangers Of Botched Air Conditioning Installation

Your air conditioning system is an important investment and it goes without saying, that there are numerous benefits of working with an expert and professional air conditioning company or technician during installation of your AC unit. In essence, a professional HVAC company should be well experienced, reputable, and adequately licensed to provide their services to commercial and residential clients within your area.

However, it is not a new thing to hear of unscrupulous and shoddy service providers that are out to prey on AC consumers and rip them off of their hard-earned money through deceptive offers and unrealistic promises. Other companies have just been in the industry for a mere few years, if not months and can’t provide a quality air conditioning installation service. But really, what are the risks and dangers of poor air conditioning installation? Whether it’s DIY or done by a contractor, here are some consequences you don’t want to encounter.

You Risk Lower Energy Efficiency
Air conditioning installation starts from making a choice and deciding on the best system for your home. The unit to be installed should sufficiently and efficiently provide cooled air throughout your home without short cycling or be succumbing to mechanical stress. If the system installed is too big or too small for your home, it is most likely that you’ll end up paying more or your cooling energy bills as opposed to if you had a professional guide you in choosing the right size and capacity for your home during AC installation. This is because when the system is struggling or constantly shutting on and off, it ends up consuming more energy.

You Risk Higher Repair and Maintenance Costs
There are many ways to save on cooling costs, among them being professional AC installation. More often than not, poor air conditioning installation subjects your AC unit to higher stress levels. The system is also more prone to breakdowns and frequent failures, some of which may cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to fix. In addition, a poorly done air conditioning installation may attract higher maintenance costs.

Health and Safety Risks
The quality of air conditioning installation may also have an impact on your indoor health, especially when it comes to ductwork installation for ducted systems such as central air conditioners. If poorly installed, air ducts may be more prone to the formation of debris and clogging, which may block air flow and affect the quality of indoor air being circulated by your air conditioning system throughout your home. Poor indoor air flow and quality may introduce allergens from dirty filters, such as molds pet dander, and other indoor pollutants that may subject the residents to harmful airborne substances, which may cause allergies such as asthma and respiratory infections. The possibility of injuries from poorly installed AC systems is not to be forgotten.

Shorter Lifetime and Early Replacement
Last but not least, poor air conditioning system installation may have a negative impact on how long your AC unit lasts. For most HVAC systems, the average life expectancy is about 10-15 years, even though lifetime costs may vary from unit to the other. However, a poor installation may lower this by a significant level, thereby increasing the chances that the unit may require early replacement.

To avoid the above risks and dangers, be sure to hire a professional, experienced HVAC expert whenever you have a new air conditioning installation need and you won’t regret it in future.